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Ph. D. Students

Yasin Adem Wedajo
Yasin ADEM

He earned his Bachelor degree in Chemistry in 2009 from Wolaita Sodo University in Ethiopia He then earned his MSc. degree in Inorganic Chemistry with a thesis entitled “Determination of Zinc in Infants and Young Children Foods available in Pharmacies and Supermarkets using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy” from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia in 2011. Presently, he has joined BERC lab. and studying protein engineering so as to be honoured with a PhD degree at Gebze Technical University, Turkey.


Mehmet Mervan ÇAKAR
Mervan ÇAKAR

Mervan is a graduate with a Molecular Biology and Genetics degree from Arel University. After graduation he went to Marmara University as an intern at Industrial Biotechnology and System Biology Research Laboratory. After two term of MSc. at Yıldız Technical University he moved to Gebze Technical University.He went to Manchester University at Turner Lab for 3 months as research assistant. After graduading from MSc in Chemistry, now he is working as PhD student in Molecular Biology and Genetics Department with Dr. Barış BİNAY at Binay Enzyme Recognition Center.



Huri is a graduate with a Biology degree from Uludağ University. She has went on to complete a MSc. degree on clinical microbiology from İstanbul Medical Faculity. Currently she is continuing her doctorate degree in Bezmialem Vakif University with a focus on medical biochemistry. She has also been working as research assistant in the same department since 2015. She has been focused on Formate dehydrogenase characterization as a research topic, while writing her thesis based on this enzyme.



Ahmet received his BSc degree in Biology from Ankara University in 2008. He then received his MSc degree in Molecular Biology from Ankara University in 2010 and Gebze High Technology Institute in 2014. He started PhD education in Molecular Biology and Genetics department from Gebze Technical University in 2016. He is working as a researcher in Criminal Laboratory since 2013. His studing topics are enzymology, homolog and heterolog protein producing, biotransformation and yeast fermentation, fingerprint technologies, forensic science.



Berin received her BSC degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Istanbul Arel University in 2016. She worked on ion channels in bladder cancer under the supervision of Mustafa Djamgoz at Imperial College of London during the autumn of 2015. In September 2018, she finished her MSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics in Gebze Technical University and she is currently doin Ph. D. about recombinant enzym producing at the BERC lab.



Ersin graduated from Biology department from Anadolu University in 2011. He then received his MSc degree in Biotechnology from Ege University in 2015. He started PhD education in Molecular Biology and Genetics department from Gebze Technical University in 2016. During his MSc, he worked as a researcher in Medical University of Lodz from Poland Lodz under supervision of Dr. Anna SELMI. He worked as Research Assistant at Bezmialem Vakıf Üniversity for 3 years before started PhD education. His studing topics are Enzymology, Homolog and heterolog protein producing, Monoclonal antibody producing, Biotransformation and Yeast fermentation