Projects – Binay Enzyme Recognition Center


  • Based on the understanding the of the active region architecture, increasing specific activity of NAD+ dependent mutant of Candida methylica format dehydrogenase (TUBİTAK-KBAG)
  • Designing bsLDH based on iterative saturation mutagenesis (ISM) for asymmetric synthesis industrially important chiral α-hydroxy acids (TUBİTAK-SBAG)
  • For ensuring continuous renewal of NAD(P)H for asymmetric synthesis in industrial biocatalytic processes isolation and characterization of the heat-resistant NAD(P) +-dependent format dehydrogenase from Chaetomium thermophilum (TUBİTAK-KBAG)
  • Production of Renewable Energy From Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with the Multidimensional Mutational Analysis of the Active Region of the Format Dehydrogenase Enzymes (TUBİTAK-COST)
  • Systems Biocatalysis (COST Action CM1303)